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Isn't it funny that it seems couple fanbases are the ones praising day ahead summaries and spoilers? That just shows the problem right there and really shows how deep the fanbase problem goes, especially for a show like Days. They just need to do away with them and, going back to Matt's post, go vague with mag spoilers and online spoilers. Make people watch to see if their faves are on and then you get them to watch other characters and their stories and maybe you get then hooked on that. These day ahead summaries and shit give people an excuse to just not give anything else a try and FF through anything not related to who they like. That wasn't the way years ago. People had to sit and watch. Not everyone liked everything but back then it seemed like even people who had their faves at least found other things in the show to enjoy. Yes, I know the writing was better but that is beside the point. I'm sure if some of these people who watch just for one character or a couple can find something else to like. Hell, there are some people not liking Days at all right now and even they on most days can find more then one thing they like so I would think fanbases and couple/character fans can too.

Alas, this is just a problem that's grown since 2000 and keeps getting worse. Yes, the writers and producers and networks and so on are at fault but spoilers and giving people a reason to pick and choose what they watch has played just about as big as role as anything else. This isn't primetime so not everyone can be on every episode so it's time soaps rectified this and make it so that it's unknown what exactly a soap will give you day by day. Let's make fans watch the show to get their answers. Finding them on the net or in spoilers isn't going to do jack shit for the soaps.
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