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I'm not believing that someone else chose to not show Abe and Lexie's learning that Theo is autistic. Anyone would know that like Nelson said, that is your money shot. Abe and Lexie's reactions to the doctor telling them that their son is autistic, the camera work, going back and forth to their reaction and perhaps looking over at Theo, who is playing with toys on the ground completely oblivious to what his parents just learned about him, the doctor looking sad that she just delivered heartbreaking news to two parents...Kathryn Foster could have done wonders with these scenes. Unforutnately, that was not the case.

Dena's fucked up already and I don't care anymore about this storyline. It's all big hype and nothing that is going to make the characters of Abe and Lexie grow and develop. Like many predicted, this storyline is only going to be a plot device to break up Abe and Lexie and send Lexie into the arms of another man. Who didn't predict this?

I feel bad for James Reynolds and Renee Jones because everyone thought this was the storyline that was going to give them everything they deserve. It just started and they've been shafted.
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