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I went back and re-watched some Days last week and while I wasn't bothered by it last week, the Abe/Lexie stuff bothered me alot watching it again.

It almost feels tossed in. They first showed up in the third act on Tuesday, the so-called reveal episode, and the same thing happened in Friday's episode too. I'm beginning to wonder if this is even Dena's story. I know with her real life situation and her talking of it it's hard to argue that but it reeks of her not caring about it. As jcar said though, I wouldn't put it past a certain someone to play a role in why we never got to see the reveal. Things did seem like something was edited but who knows. The fact is we have what we have and while JR and RJ have been great and the story itself has been ok, it seems to be getting shoddy treatment and the fact that the start of the story missed a critical beat is not a good sign. It may still turn out good but it does deserve the negative backlash it's getting this far.
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