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Jun 30 2008, 06:36 PM
Sweet Sauce
Jun 30 2008, 06:33 PM
Cute announcement, and here's to a vacation from Sami :) No offense, but Ali's probably got like three years of vacation to take considering she's never been off since she began DAYS.
If I recall, she went without story for a period of several months in 2001. Half the year or so, I believe. I could be wrong though, but I remember a "Plan to Save Days" cover with Ali on the cover, and inside Langan was promising that we'd be seeing more of Sami because she's such a ratings grabber. As a result, we were stuck with the Sami/Austin pairing... GAG!

But yeah, I see your point. She's been on the screen waaaaaay too much.
Sami/Austin ended shortly after and Langan was actually the first writer to backburner Sami. From June 2001-early October 2001, we didn't see Sami at all. That had never happened before. The only time she was off for an extended period was when she was put on a story-dictated hiatus in spring 1995 only to return for Carrie and Austin's first wedding to reveal she was pregnant with Will. Other then these two instances, Sami has always been frontburner it seems. I, too, think it's time she gets a break.

That was a cute announcement though. She seemed a bit uncomfortable with the attention, which is unusual for her because Ali seems to love it, but I can't blame her. This is something you don't usually announce on TV but it ended up being a nice, honest, moment for her. I wish her all the best and she does seem happy. It was cute seeing how Jillian accused her of liking Bob better LOL.
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