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Wow, that interview got me stoked for Y&R! I think I might start watching in August. I'm interested in seeing what the cataclysmic event is. Also, I have a feeling that Hogan is going to do wonders with my favorite Y&R bitch, Phyllis. Sounds like the show is finally turning itself around.

As for the Ed Scott interview, I love what he's done with the show production-wise, but I think everyone (including Ed) knows that he's talking out his ass about Dena Higley writing "good story." Then again, he didn't go out of his way to say she's amazing or that she's giving us the best Days ever... he simply said "good story." Obviously, that's as far as he wanted to go with it, LoL.

Looooooooove the mention of " I personally consider you the executive producer of the show, and hopefully, one day you’ll officially take over the show." What a fantastic Corday diss, LoL! I also loved the comment about how maybe Higley will finally watch the show she writes for now that the autism story has begun. Love it!
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