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Good to hear that Days is pretty much renewed. I worry about the budget though.

Nice hearing Ed talk and I don't think he is lying. I think the show is pretty much renewed.

I think he realizes the writing isn't up to par but I do see potential with Days right now. The whole John story is full of inner conflict and Ava's inclusion has made that story amazing. The docks story is pretty good and couples like EJ/Nicole and Philip/Morgan have major potential. They are shaking things up. They are missing the boat on some things like the Abe/Lexie story and are forcing the issue a bit on others like Stax (but at least Max's story is decent) and Chan (but now we have the Kate thing to add something interesting to this). The show is not bad though. It's just been boring for a bit too long and is just now coming out of it and it needs to pick a direction and stick to it. The writing for several characters needs to improve too but episodes like yesterday make me realize it is possible to do all this, even with Higley.

I'm with Rick. Ed made me feel relatively optimistic. I just hope he is allowed to have more influence because he really could do alot to help this show from more then a production standpoint if allowed. I did like how it was mentioned he should take over the show and the dig at Higley not watching the show she is writing was a nice touch too. The praise for the Emmy nominees was nice too. I did notice Thaoo being left out but it was probably an honest mistake. I'm with Ed in hoping Days gets even more Emmy nods and perhaps wins next year. I wish Ed did the interviews and not Corday. He seems honest and is to the point.

The Y&R stuff has me excited. Look forward to Hogan's debut and seeing if Y&R can get going again.

Thanks for this, Nelson. Interesting read.
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