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I'm so excited for Hogan's arrival on Y&R. I do think that he and Bell are going to balance each other out well. And just based on the complete bore that the show is right now, I think that these are all Bell's ideas. Like she said, they are fixing everything LML did to ruin Genoa City. That's why it's boring. And plus I bet that Josh Griffith gives her free reign, which is going to be a good thing for Hogan coming off the horrible time he had to endure on DAYS with Corday.

However, I am worried about this catalytic event. For some reason this has Out of the Ashes written all over it. I hope not though.

As for Ed Scott's words, he doesn't sound too excited for Higley's writing at all. Usually the EP gushes about the writer's work, saying how amazing it is. With Higley, all we get is that her writing is "good story." I really hope this bitch is going to be gone by fall. Scott's idea of "good story" highly differs from mine.
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