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Two things: First, I don't think Ed's lying at all about DH's writing. The trick is, it's NOT that surreal shit we used to get (which I used to love, don't get me wrong.) But if you look at these powerful Trent/Max confrontations, the autism stuff, the quiet but heated topic of a May/December romance...I get more of a Y&R feel from the show now than I do a '90s "Days" feel, and viewers have to adjust to that. I have no qualms about the show. Love it. (Though I could have done without all the damn "Brady Burger" mentions today -- L-A-M-E. ONCE is enough. Any more is overkill.)

Second: As a media man, I have to criticize TV Guide for letting a Wikipedia reference slide by. It's not a real source and is highly unreliable. The LML-Bloom connection attributed to Wiki may not even be true. (Of course, it may, but since it's on Wiki, it also may not -- and that's why it's a dangerous area.)
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