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This supposedly happily married hunk admitted he didn't plan on hanging out too late at the after-party. "There's too much booze and too many pretty women," he sighed.

We're hoping that the hand-holding and coziness going on with this populat soap couple doesn't mean their on-screen passion has become the real deal. we're sure their spouses, who were nowhere in sight, wouldn't approve.

This ingenue changes boyfriends regularly and her latest one obviously knows the score. When the actress ducked into the ladies room, her lovesick beau was eagerly trying to get a consensus on his chances of sticking around. Uh...awkward.

This vet felt so snubbed by emmy this year that she had originally planned to war an outrageous outfit on the red carpet (a la Cher's dominatrix drag at the Oscar.) Luckily cooler head prevailed and no one's wiser to her miffed mood.

This respected vet showed up at one of the parties plastered ans still bellied up to the bar, he also kept slurring to everyone that he had a secret to tell, but never spilled? Huh

She usually avoids the spotlight, but since jumping to another network. Ms. Popular soap star knows that her new bosses are big on public promotion. So she's begrudingly resigned herself to the fact that she needs to put a game face on and get used to meeting the fans.

You could smell the desperation when this former sudser was really working the room to let everyone know she was available for any roles, anywhere, any time!

It was a steamy night in Hollywood, so this stunner should done an underarm check before going out in public. Oh, the unsightly perspiration stains!

This star brought an underage relative along on emmt night, who proceed to smoke and drink at the after-party with nary a comment from the should-be-keeping-an-eye out adult.

Nice Breakers

OLTL Head Writer Ron Carlivati was thrilled to win for Outstanding Drama Serier Writing Team and shared the triumph. While in his hotel lobby late after the Emmy ceremony, the scribe was happily letting fans hold the statuette for memorable photo ops.

Careless Whispers

One onscreen duo was doing some offscreen candoodling at a pre-emmy bash - with the lady's husband nearby...One young hunk got a little too friendly, even hitting on a young actress' mother...a multi-Emmy -winning vet was applalled by the category he/she was on the judging panel for and by some of the nominees from his/her own show...An ingenue was seen shouting that she had no time for photos - but the photlogs in the hotel lobby hadn't moved to snap her...One enthusiastic actress announced her intention to "bang" a fellow daytimer to an elevator full of people.

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