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Daily spoilers

Monday, July 21st
Lucas is being transferred to maximum security; Caroline and Maggie welcome Kayla and Steve as they bring their baby home; Ava asks John if she can move in with him; Marlena discovers that E.J. is threatening to sue Sami for custody of Johnny.

Tuesday, July 22nd
Kate assures Philip the tape Paul sent to Morgan is gone; Daniel runs into Kate and they reminiscence about their time together; Bo tells Hope he's worried about Victor; while on the train, Stephanie is surprised by a stranger who enters her sleeper car.

Wednesday, July 23rd
Morgan is terrified her father is dead; E.J. tells Ava the details of her upcoming court case; Tony and Kate share a celebratory drink; Hope find Bo's behavior troubling and accuses him of knowing something more about Paul Hollingsworth's case.

Thursday, July 24th
Bo questions Philip about his involvement with Morgan; John promises to help Ava fight the charges against her; Daniel and Chelsea share a romantic dance under the stars; Max and Stephanie are ready to get off the train and track down Max's sister.

Friday, July 25th
Steve tells Bo he was right to cover for Philip; Hope visits Kayla and is thrilled to see the baby at home; Philip receives an anonymous letter that says "I know your secret"; Morgan demands John tell her where her father is.

**UPDATED 7/8**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Chloe says goodbye to Lucas and apologizes to him; Kayla and Steve bring their baby home; Sami meets with Ava to show her the apartment.

Bo expresses his concern about Victor to Hope; Stephanie is nearly robbed on the train and attacks the stranger with pepper spray.

Hope worries about Bo's behavior; Tony and Kate toast the success of Kate's Hearth and Home product line.

Steve and Kayla argue over Ava; Bo questions Philip about his involvement with Morgan.

Hope asks for advice about Bo; Kate and Philip discuss the Hollingsworth case.

**UPDATED 7/9**

National Enquirer Spoilers

John and Ava make love.

Stephanie and Max locate his half sister.

Phillip puts himself in the way when Ava's bodyguard points a gun at Morgan


**UPDATED 7/16**

Daytime Dial spoilers

Next Week:
• Philip receives an anonymous letter from someone that claims to know what he’s done.
• Ava and John make love on the rooftop.
• Chloe visits Lucas before he’s transferred to maximum security.
• Max and Stephanie figure out Melanie Layton’s whereabouts.
• Daniel decides to stay in Salem and sublets an apartment.

Thursday – Bo confesses to Steve that he stole police evidence.
Friday – Ava’s bodyguard takes aim at Morgan, but Philip dives into the line of fire.


**UPDATED 7/22**

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Lucas is transferred to maximum security. Kayla and Steve bring their baby home. John and Ava kiss and begin to make love on the rooftop. Abe tells Morgan the cops found her father's jacket in the river.

EJ tells Ava the details about her upcoming court case. He has managed to get the kidnapping and shooting off the table, but they are not going to drop the plane crash charges. Tony tells John that Paul is dead. Max and Stephanie are ready to get off the train and track down Max's sister, Melanie Layton.

Philip is feeling guilty about Bo and how he put everything on the line for him. Philip receives an anonymous letter that reads, "I know your secret." John and EJ are going over trial strategy for Ava when Morgan shows up. She demands John tells her where her father is.

Eddie, Ava's bodyguard, shows up just as Morgan reaches into her purse. Eddie assumes Morgan has a gun, so he fires off a shot just as Philip shows up to confront John. Philip dives in front of Morgan to save her life. Philip is struck by the bullet, and hits the floor.

SNEAK PEEK: John is hiding Paul.

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