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Wow...these are out early. That's good though.

These don't sound bad. We know from the casting calls Bo gets busted and I think it's about time one of the Brady brothers got in trouble for special treatment. I like this angle and I like that someone is going to be playing games with Philip and threatening him. Interesting. I like that Bo and Hope are getting something to do.

Love that we will get Kate and Daniel flashbacks. The fact they went to that trouble tells me they want to gauge reaction. I don't like Chan but I'm interested in this story now with Kate involved. I now believe that my theory is right and this Daniel thing is leading to him being evil or just a sleaze.

Stax sounds a bit dull. Not much happening but at least their airtime has been cut down it seems.

I bet Ava will end up going to jail or something and that is how they will take her out. Tamara said the door was left open and she seems positive about returning so I bet this is where things are going.

Seems like the Chloe/Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff cools off a bit in the coming weeks.

Glad Steve and Kayla are back in the mix. Now give them more to do and I will be happy.

Not too bad IMO. There is movement and a nice balance it seems.
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