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Jul 2 2008, 03:52 PM
Disappointed that Nicole and Trent aren't mentioned at all for 2 weeks. I've found that plot somewhat intriguing.

And is the autism "story" over already? :laugh:
That's part of what I hate so much about Higley's writing!

Her stories have NO FLOW. None, nada, zip, zilch!

For starters, she leaves out important bits that shouldn't be left out. Just recently, viewers were cheated out of seeing Abe and Lexie learn that Theo is autistic. All we saw were the reactions immediately afterwards. WHY!? That's rather jarring and confusing for us, as it leaves us wondering if we missed an episode or missed a segment along the way. Quite annoying. Didn't the same thing happen recently with Tony and Anna getting engaged/married off screen or something? I'm pretty sure it did.

Then there's the way she'll start a story, then completely drop it for an entire week or two and pick it back up again after everyone's already lost interest and forgotten where we left off. Sort of like Tony/Anna and how she slaps them on the screen once every week or two and expects us to care about them or remember what the hell their story is even about. It's pretty bad when a character pops on the screen and you have to ask yourself, "Wait a minute, what's their story and what happened with it the last time it was on?" It completely disrupts the story flow and the viewer's ability to really invest emotionally in anything that happens, because there's no flow for dramatic build.
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