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Jul 2 2008, 07:01 PM
You didn't say you talked to him on Emmy night. You just said that you have talked to him. How was I supposed to know when you talked to him?

I'm sure fans do get more upset than the actors. There's nothing wrong with that. If Thaao thinks it's ok that you said his emmy nom was a token, then God bless him. He's way classier than me.
Seriously, hoochielicious, I get that you're a big Thaao fan, but since when is it against the law for someone to have an opinion?

I've remarked on many Emmy nominations in the past that I thought were complete jokes, just as I'm sure you have and thousands of others. We're all allowed to have an opinion, and I think it's unfair to give Nelson such grief over his personal point of view just because you happen to disagree with it.
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