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As far as I'm concerned, Addie, Blair, and Kelly Cramer (along with brother Paul) are MAJOR REWRITES of OLTL's history. I remember when Dorian- as played by Nancy Pinkerton -first came to Llanview with her sister Melinda and both ladies stated beyond a shadow of a doubt that each sister was the only family that the other had left. Both parents were dead and the Cramer Sisters had no other siblings. Creating Addie in many respects hurt the character of Dorian in the long run, imho.

Besides, it's not like soaps have a good history of portraying mental illness accurately especially ONE LIFE TO LIVE. I'll be more than happy to cite OLTL's disgusting Naomi Vernon suicide storyline of the 1970s. Remember all the bullshit about Naomi's "fake" suicide attempt which backfired with Naomi killing herself!!! I work in the mental health field and I never met anyone who "faked" a suicide attempt. If someone is talking about suicide, they usually have every intention of going thru with it!!! Considering OLTL's lousy record with mental illness storylines in the past, why should anybody be suprised that OLTL is doing another bogus mental health storyline with a character that no basis in reality!!!
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