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ATWT has some dud stories! Doesn't every soap?
ATWT has some characters that are duds!Doesn't every soap?

I admit there are some things I haven't liked lately but I am not going to focus on that and jump at the chance to crow about it.

This show minus those"duds" has one of the best casts going.

Latley I have enjoyed seeing Lisa more. I wished the Chris/Ali story had been a little better written but we got to see Bob and Kim and Susan and see that old Hughes /Stewart rivalry is still there! We have seen a lot of Tom and Margo lately and they are remembering their anniversary.
So Emily is f...king Casey?That is so true to those Stewart women. First there was Bob,then Tom now Casey.
I guess the only thing that saves Daniel is that he is a Stewart also,LOL.

Back to the subject at hand-------
I loved John James as Rick Decker and I am looking forward to seeing him again.

The only thing that would top that would be if they brought the great Anthony Herrera back as James Stenbeck!
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