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Yeah... I wouldn't go that far comparing Carlivati to Curlee. Let's see if the man can tell a good story first over the longterm. Right now, IMO Carlivati is trying to fulfill fan wishes above just telling good stories. There's nothing necessarily wrong with treating your fans well. But right now, OLTL feels like fan fiction -- good fan fiction, but fan fiction nonetheless -- particularly with regards to the pacing of the show. Even the history references. I love it when writers remember former plots and characters, but they should come naturally in the dialogue. Now it seems soo forced.

He's gonna need to slow things down a tad. Build up is essential to the show too. This IS a soap opera after all. You have the time to tell the story, no matter Ellen Wheeler thinks. Well written stories over the longterm is the way out IMO. Just bringing back fan faves is not (Megan McTavish learned this the hard way with GL's Quint and Nola).

We'll see if RC can prove himself. And I hope the unending praise doesn't build fan expectations so high that they cannot be fulfilled.
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