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Jul 3 2008, 08:36 PM
I don't think the character of Addie hurts the character of Dorian whatsoever and also I really don't think the additions of Addie nor Blair is a major re-write. Dorian and Melinda saying in the 70s that they were all the family they had left, would be true in many aspects with Addie in a mental hospital and their mother very mentally unstable as well. Also Blair was given up for adoption and they didn't even know about Blair back then.
Agree To Disagree. The addition of Addie and Blair as well as Melinda's children (Kelly and Paul) is a crotch of crap. The fact that neither Addie nor Melinda can name the fathers of their children and all their children go by the last name of Cramer shows absolute laziness on behalf of the powers that be. TPTB have never offered a plausible reason as to why Dorian and Melinda went for years without mentioning Addie in my opinion. Addie, Blair, Kelly, and Paul were created because the writers wanted to give Dorian an instant family she never had before but were basically TOO STUPID to come up with a logical backstory to explain the appearance of these relatives.
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