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Jul 2 2008, 09:34 PM
I work in the mental health field and I never met anyone who "faked" a suicide attempt. If someone is talking about suicide, they usually have every intention of going thru with it!!!
I have to disagree with that. I've known many people who "fake" a suicide attempt for attention.

My piece of shit cousin is one of them. He's tried to "commit suicide" many times. He once put a pistol to his head and my aunt pleaded and begged with him not to do it that she would let him have or do anything he wanted.

Later he told me that he had no intention of hurting himself, he just knew that my aunt (his mom) would let him do whatever he wanted for the next month because she would feel guilty.

I also knew this girl in high school who would swallow a bottle of pills and immediately dial 911 so she wouldn't die. She said it was a mental and physical rush and afterwards her parents would giveher anything she wanted.
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