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Jul 2 2008, 09:31 AM
Of course I didn't rely on just Wikipedia, I have it confirmed from various Y&R writers she broke breakdowns, sillies! C'mon give me some credit.

As for Thaao I would NEVER say he didn't deserve an Emmy nom especaily on Emmy nite! That's so mean and not classy. However, he knows how I feel and what I wrote and he's fine with it. Sometimes fans get more upset than the actors! Actors get it more than the producers or writers do, trust me!
I'm glad to hear that. And I should have known better. YOu do have the sources, we've seen that. I guess I was thrown because, in my organization, not even the mention of Wiki is allowed, especially if the sources are already there, to back it up. But then my organization has a hard-on for giving no grain of credit to Wiki, due to its shaky nature, plus we don't want to confuse people who could learn about it and think it's reliable. But that's our agenda, and I'm not saying everyone should follow it.
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