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Jul 3 2008, 12:02 PM
I credited wikipedia because that's where i first learned she was writing Y&R (who was minding the store?), and then called up Y&R's writers, and they all confirmed. And look who I interviewed for the piece, Bell and Scott, so I got it from horse's mouth. Also, a lot of behind-the-scenes people write their own wikipedia pages these days!
A lot of people do write their own Wiki pages, but I just don't want us to foget that there's a whole web site devoted solely to weeding out Wiki errors and disinformation, because the site is still notorious for its inaccuracy. I appreciate its concept, but the execution is all wrong. And Steve, if schools allow students to use this site, I will worry, because again, the information often is wrong. (How many times has Wiki said 'so and so' is joining this soap, or this soap -- and we find out it's wrong? Ditto that for imdb, of course, but that's another topic.) Students really can't rely on something that has the potential to be riddled with errors. (Especially if someone like me could go in there, write something libelous about a politician, and have those poor students fall for it and turn it in for a book report -- a similar incident, of course, has reportedly happened.)
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