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Well, I said last week I felt Days had to hit a 2.0 but considering everyone is tanking with them and they are now tied for 5th in HH with a pathetic 1.9 and are closed to beating OLTL and ending up in 4th in total viewers I don't think they had to this week.

These ratings stink. GL I think is gone within 6 months. It's just getting worse. AMC is tanking again. Y&R is stuck in a rut. OLTL is the best soap right now but it gets a 2.0. Just further drives home the point that quality means shit. The ratings are reflective of events and action now and nothing more. Go blow something up and watch the numbers rise. Seriously.

Days will have awful numbers next week, as usual, so I expect bad next week. Actually, alot of people seem to have taken off for vacations early this year (some on Wednesday) with the 4th on Friday so I think other soaps may do poorly too. We'll see.
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