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People say that OLTL is awesome right now but I don't see it. I watch it on Soapnet now and then and it is so boring I always lose interest before the episode is over.

There aren't any female heroines my age that are rootable characters and none of the guys are very attractive looking. The stories are very drawn out and slow moving. A lot of the acting is subpar.

I used to love Tina but the time to bring her back was 10 years ago when people still cared about the character. They are over her now.

AMC, don't get me started! That show is pure garbage and has been forever now. The only story I have cared about on that show in the last 20 years is Tad and Dixie.

Days is a trainwreck. They piss on every fanbase. It's like the writers hate the fans and just want them to tune out. I finally gave up and quit watching - it was irritating me so much. With the extra time, I have been hitting the gym more and feeling a lot better. Thanks Dena!!
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