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Steve Frame
Jul 3 2008, 01:15 AM
One other thought I had is that I read on here from young folks that they don't want to see people like John and Marlena in love scenes etc.

Well think of this way - older folks don't want to see teens and young folks all the time either. And they make up the bulk of the audience right now. And for the most part they don't have anything to relate to on most shows.

What is weird is that if these idiots running daytime would realize is for years the shows did younger stories mixed with the older stories and the older generation ate them up. for years All My Children featured young love stories in a big way and older viewers loved them.

They just need to balance things out. right now things are just skewed way too much.
Well, I'm one who doesn't care if I see love scenes period LOL but watching this genre for over two decades now I understand it's important to soaps so it's necessary.

I honestly think the execs know. They just don't care. All they see is dollar signs. The advertisers know that the youth spend money and they want the young to buy the products so that they continue to as they grow. Same goes for the networks. I think it started out for soap execs as let's get the young viewers so they grow up watching the show and stay. I think they thought older fans would just die out so it was a preemptive strike. Numbers had started to dwindle, afterall. I also think they didn't feel confident enough in the young soap watchers who started watching because of grandparents and all. I think they underestimated them and those who were already watching in colleges and stuff too.

I also think the networks saw the chance to promote their other shows too. The youth would watch and stay with it as they grew up. Now, I think execs just see soaps as ways to advertise. I really do. You see all these promos for other network shows and such when the soaps get none at all. The networks don't care. They haven't in years. I firmly believe they will keep soaps on for an extra few years just to keep using them to promote other things because they know they still have a loyal audience and if it can help the rest of the networks it's great.

It's a damn shame. I got into soaps with my grandmother. She provided me with loads of tape to watch older stuff before I began watching. Now, there is barely an audience and what audience you do get seems more driven by stunts then good writing. That is why soaps are in trouble. The mistakes of the execs has led to the creation of an audience who will do nothing but reject the very ideals that made soaps great in the first place.
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