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Jul 5 2008, 12:25 AM
^Not sure about that. I think alot of that came after he was backburnered, at least I think the Debra Messing thing did. Let's remember Blake has been backburnered since he gave up the two kids back in October. He's had nothing since then but the grant story and that wasn't even much. It's been almost a year of no story for him after he had nothing but story from the time he debuted to early last Fall. I tend to think he had the time off and got involved in some other things just in case, which is smart considering Hogan created him and Days changed writers, which is never a good sign because he was a new character created by the fired HW. I guess that is why so many are shocked he is still around. He isn't a Higley character and he was without story already for awhile when she took over. I'm glad he's still here though because Blake is talented and unique. The character has great potential IMO.
Right, that's why I've been so frustrated. After the kids story was wrapped up, I kept my mouth shut when he became backburnered because he had been featured for so long and he was rather new. However once Chelsea & Stephanie got the Ford story, I was really upset that Nick wasn't around more. I understood the reason for not having him around when Ford's death happened, he was going to play the moral compass to Chelsea (as he should) but there was no excuse not to involve him in other storylines, such as the brief time he showed up at Marlena's door to help with analyzing John's "remains".

I still think it very possible it's true that BB and RM had a falling out (maybe they were dating and broke up) and the show decided to distance them for awhile and let things cool off. If it was Blake's idea to throw himself into this theater group he's been working on the side for, then great and I can understand that. But somehow I just think Dena doesn't know what to do with Nick, at least until now. I think she was really surprised to find out out how popular the Nick character is (unconventional and talented actors generally are but not that she would recognize that) which is why she specifically mentioned him in one of her blogs.
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