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Jul 5 2008, 12:20 AM
Like I said before, this has Corday written all over it. This stuff was the ghostwriter's stuff and Hogan was against it too. Stax started heating up again in August 2007 and, from rumors I heard, that is right around the time things started getting really bad between Corday and Sheffer so that had to be one of the things they argued over. Hogan would not open his mouth about something and be so adamantly against it and then go back on what he said by doing it. No way. It made no sense.

Corday clearly likes them. They are even in the big summer promo. I do notice how after being forced on us for awhile, their story has cooled a bit and the next two weeks has their airtime dwindled a bit. Plus, it seems they will find Max's sister fairly quickly so at least we won't have to withstand that too long, even though I personally like Max's story. It's just too bad the Stax angle is there to deal with.
I agree, Stax is definitely Corday's project, who must have replaced Shelle in his heart. Hogan made quite amount of noise about how he felt of it. He was allowed to push Max and Stephanie away with the old Stephanie as the chemistry just wasn't there.

As I said before, the problem with Stax isn't the relation thing, hell that makes them interesting but it's too late now to talk about it. The problem is they are just too boring together whether they are happy or estranged. I just think DB (in spite of his nom) and SH aren't strong enough actors to play opposite each other for an extended amount of time. I had hoped this pairing was short lived, Stephanie would get over her rape with Max while Max learned how to be a good boyfriend for once and stand by a girl instead of running away like in the past.

Of course, that was then. Now my issues is the horrible way Max is treating Stephanie. He is acting so much like her earlier boyfriend, Jeremy and it enrages me the show isn't bringing that up.
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