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Steve Frame
Jul 5 2008, 12:06 AM
As I said last week - ratings and quality have never gone hand in hand. They are 2 different things.
I admit that even in Primetime, the quality run shows tend to get cancelled way before the popular ones that really stink or just copy a formula started by another show.

But with soaps, I think they could take advantage of the long contract to attempt to put quality before quantity. Which would you prefer as a writer? To write sucky stories or to write something that can offer pride in your work as well as to the actors who deliver on the performance? Days for example is giving us basic junk stories (though I begrudgingly admit thanks to spoilers things sound like they may improve) yet their ratings are the lowest they've ever been. So why not attempt stories that will help improve the quality of the show? Days is so close to being cancelled now, wouldn't it be better to at least leave on a high note with it's stories rather than them scrambling with last ditch efforts to get people to tune in?

And if the quality helps to draw a few viewers in, and saves the show, then you've got something to build on. People seem to forget that when crappy plots and missed emotional beats do succeed, it's more in the vein of doing patch work verses building something substantial. Stories that produce the emotional impacts should in turn create multiple foundations they can use to build more quality stories for other characters to be involved in.
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