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^Yep, although I do not like them being a couple. They are fine as sidekicks but the couple thing just happened out of nowhere. I know in Rome they set it up kind of but still.

I don't mind Evian not getting together either. It's tragic but it fits with who they are and what they've been through. If they got a happy ending, fine but I don't need it. I think Theresa/Ethan are the only couple who have to wed. It's fitting for them, the show, and the character of Theresa IMO, who has been the show's sole focus, especially the past few years.

I wouldn't mind Juvy reuniting either. Ivy has been ruined with Sam. They were much hotter when she was scheming to get him. I hate that they domesticated her. She lost her edge and is just another Grace. Hate it. Julian and her rock together LOL.

Tabitha and Julian would be funny and sort of fitting too because Timmy and him were friends and he is Endora's father.

We'll see but there are alot of options. Should be interesting.
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