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Jul 4 2008, 05:49 PM
Jul 4 2008, 05:13 PM
The Days audience craves plot-driven stories. That's why Days was so successful in the 90s.
I beg to differ. I fell in love with DAYS in the 90's with JER's plot-driven style of writing, but that doesn't mean I still want that kind of writing today.
Well, your in the minority because most fans from that era want plot-driven storytelling, whether they say it or know it or not. I recall last year with Hogan how the only time he got many positive responses was when he dabbled in the Gothic or bordered on plot-driven. The only major things Hogan did that were character-driven and got overwhelmingly positive responses were John's death/Marlena's revenge and Belle/Shawn/Chloe/Philip.

I want Days character-driven but I'm afraid it won't succeed that way. I don't think any show can now. As I said, the ratings reflect stunts and action, not quality. OLTL is mostly character-driven and going nowhere. Days saw little success to with it.

I think the Daytime audience has just grown too used to plot-driven writing and stunts. It started in the 80's but the stories were at least grounded and plot and character-driven stories were mixed together. JER's first era at Days changed that and created a whole new audience who wanted that type of storytelling. It took some of the elements of the 80's to the next level and many other soaps wanted to replicate it and the result is what we have today. The audience who count in the numbers only react to stunts and that is. As Steve said in the ratings thread, ratings never were equal with quality but now it's worse. It's not even close. Soaps used to at least be rewarded a good part of the time for quality stuff. Now they don't. It's all about blowing things up and killing people. That will get you the numbers rather then a good, heartfelt, character-driven story and that's a shame.
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