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Jul 5 2008, 07:15 PM
Jul 2 2008, 06:52 PM
Yes, and what is sad is how outdated that is. He talks of shooting the grant acceptance scene and mentions how Morgan is all into Nick's business (weird how that never went anywhere. I'm a Phorgan fan but it's like Dena doesn't even want to ATTEMPT to test Blake with the other actresses on the show.)

So love Blake. Glad he has other projects like this theater group.
I think she was testing them together along the time Corday promised the Nicole/Phillip/Chloe triangle. For some reason he changed his mind and Phorgan was allowed after all so she went with that. But I have no doubt this Melanie girl will be involved with him. Originally I thought they might try to create another generation with her and Will but the actress looks much older and mature than the original call wanted.
From what I heard, Victor G had the idea for Nicole/Philip/Chloe and Dena agreed but he got demoted and Corday pulled the plug on it because fan reaction pushed harder for Philip/Morgan so Dena had to go with it. I really do think something happened with Blake and Rachel and that is why Nick was a non-factor in the Ford story and during Bo's illness story. He started out helping a bit during the Ford story and then wasn't around for Chelsea at all during the plane crash and Bo's illness. It just stuck out because everyone else was involved.

It makes me wonder what would've happened. I mean, if there was a falling out with them, what would've happened if there wasn't? Is that why they paired her with Daniel in the first place because there aren't any other young actors on the show without bringing another on or breaking up Stax? I mean, things are kind of sketchy but it's clear something went down with them. It just seems like they just say the traditional "I miss working with him/her" and shit like that but nothing special. If that BI is about Rachel, then that could very well be the reason for the falling out, if any.
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