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Jul 6 2008, 01:03 AM
From what I heard, Victor G had the idea for Nicole/Philip/Chloe and Dena agreed but he got demoted and Corday pulled the plug on it because fan reaction pushed harder for Philip/Morgan so Dena had to go with it.
How could fan reaction to Philip/Morgan have pushed Phorgan to the win when we never even saw Philip/Nicole/Chloe? The only thing I ever saw on screen was a comment or two from Nicole that she would go after Philip, and Nicole and Chloe had some spats but those were pre-existing and had nothing to do with Nicole going after Philip. I don't think fans had a chance at all to react to Nicole/Philip/Chloe and I for one would have reacted a lot more positively to that than I do to Phorgan, which I hate.

Tripp, I agree that in general storyline shouldn't be dumped if it's otherwise working just because the actors can't get along. I have no idea if RM and Blake weren't getting along and frankly (as you know) I had no problems with Chick breaking up, but why the show thought the way they broke up and put Chelsea in instaluv with Dr. McSkeevy (excuse me, it was the other way around) was a good idea I'll never know.
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