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Ok, just watched the show, it was pretty good. Even the parts I hated like Chan worked given we were obviously supposed to not root for them and the fact everyone blamed them for Kate's fainting spell was hilarious (and true as well). Kate obviously knows more on Daniel then she is telling Chelsea and Lexie is apparently jealous Daniel is dating the town brat who by the way acted incrediably bratty. Chelsea looked very immature while Daniel's "To hell with the consequences, I am going to go forward with this" looked reckless at best and creepy at worse. Excellent.

The dueling sex offs was won by EJole hands down. God, ND can't act and today showed it. But I must hand it to Dena that she took the boring Ejamicus triangle and made it into a Pentagon with now Sami on the outside.

I'm not sure what I can say about the Marlena scenes. Do I feel sorry for her? On paper, but it's not like she really gave the nuJohn a chance and the oldJohn wasn't exactly full of memories himself. I am sorry TB isn't given much of a storyline in this.

Nick! He's a pickpocket! Cute. However, I am going to be irritated that teh show spent a majority of an episode Stephanie telling Chelsea every detail about Trent being Max's father...but when it's time for the geeky guy who actually works with the man to find out, that's done off screen. I think it could have actually pushed this story further. Instead of telling Chelsea, Stephanie tells Nick who is shocked but wants to talk to Max about it, who (of course) gets mad. It helps to add angst to the Stax relationship but could possibly have strengthened the Nick and Max friendship (which I think is important since I believe the two guy friends are going to wind up being at odds with each other again very soon.)
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