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So, today's show. "Elevator scenes" - still hate the fact that there is so much gratuitous sex on the show. Just plays out to me like a trashy movie rather than a soap opera. Especially since we recently saw one member of each of the 'elevator couples' in a love scene with someone else. Whatever happened to romance? As I've seen discussed in a few places recently, it used to be months before a couple's first kiss. This was the case with J&M and S&K. (I'm not sure about B&H - anyone know?) And this was the 80's, not the 50's, so it's not as if kissing and love scenes were inappropriate in the first place. It was a matter of good writing and the writers' taking their time to slowly build relationships. Judging by the fact that many of these couples are still in existence, I'd say those writers were doing something right.

J&M scenes - awful writing, wonderful acting. Deidre and Drake's performances made me buy into the ridiculous plot. I got choked up when Marlena was crying, and I love how Marlena took all of her frustrations out on John by shoving him. I also thought Drake played it very well, like when John told Ava he hadn't meant to hurt Marlena. Again, I think the writing is terrible - J&M need to meet in the middle, John shouldn't be so cruel, Marlena shouldn't be so inflexible. And the writers should acknowledge that J&M have the very connection that's being written for John and Ava - that they've both been brainwashed and manipulated. But given this terrible writing, I don't think today's performances could have been any better.

Chelsea/Daniel- they still have the 'ewww' factor for me. I did enjoy watching Victor try to talk some sense into Chelsea. Wish they'd use him more for this sort of thing. And I always get sentimental over the Brady July 4th events (though I thought Frances Reid's absence today left a noticeable void.) I wish Higley had let us enjoy what is usually a warm, sweet annual family event without bringing Chelsea and Daniel's issues into it.
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