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I really liked the show today too. Even Chlucas scenes werenīt so terrible as I was afraid, it actually looked better on screen than as an idea on paper. For once BD really told the truth because some their scenes were obviously very carefully choreographed.

As for EJami, sorry, but under this writing team Nicol wins hands down. The writing was amazing today and no matter what Nicol or EJ says, this was the dialog meant for a longterm couple. Itīs just amazing how different writer can turn a character completely over because we all know how terrible and one note Nicol was when Reilly wrote the show and now is quickly developing into one of most interesting character. Iīm so wishing the rumours are true and Nicole is really the Maxīs sister mum.

I liked Marlenaīs determination at the end of laboratory scenes, but unfortunatelly we all know itīs all for nothing because this new John is here to stay. Drake seems to be really enjoying himself and the writers actually likes to write for him again. It will be powerfull when THIS John clashes with Stefano.

Daniel and Chelsea need to get a room! And Stax/Nick are much better now when the "Max is a hidden genious" angle is finally behind us and the story is more about Max, the girlīs photo and Trentīs secrets. Of course, Max could easily ask Nick months or so ago, but now, when the story is finally moving I might even enjoy it. Itīs certainly mile better than whatever attempt at a summer teen story did Sheffer last year.
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