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EJole vs. Chucas!
EJole hands down!

Chloe/Lucas was awful! There was no substance...say a line then kiss, say a bad line then kiss. No flow, and dialogue was all over the place. Not surprising from Chloe (man, she sucks!) but Lucas usually can keep it all together. It was just BAD BAD BAD! It looked so rehearsed and uncomfortable! It was hard for me to watch!
And cjknick pointed out in another thread that Bryan had to keep wiping his mouth after sloppy kisses was right on target! I had to laugh! Ew on many levels!

EJole was hot...and now that I have seen it, hot damn about Nicole riding that bronco in the beginning! Sheesh! I loved the tender parts, and think they would be an interesting couple, but the signs point to EJ not being over Sami. They kept focusing on his ring, he called out Sami's name, he wants someone amazing for Nicole...I don't know if this foreshadowing or just the beginning for them, but I am interested in being on that ride! I could have kept watching EJ/Nicole talk, banter, bang, whatever...
Good stuff!

I kind of felt bad for Chan today. Everyone was giving them shit! Come on! They are over 21, single, free...so everyone needs to shut the hell up! And big damn hypocrites like Kate, Victor, Bo, Hope, Doug, Julie, Lexie...all of them. Do they really have the balls to lecture people on relationships? They have lived through some screwed up relationships...all of them. Stop gawking, get off your high horse and let those two go at it.
Now, don't call me a fan of Chan though. Daniel is a bit creepy, and Chelsea makes me want to smack the white off her! And her bangs annoy me!

John/Marlena was interesting! Loved that Marlena pushed him and cussed him out! And through it all, I find John so damn sexy! Ava adds an interesting twist to all of this, and I am tired of Marlena's crap!
If she is so hell bent on getting back oldJohn, why doesn't she just sleep with him constantly, spend all of her time with him, and work on him. Abandoning him in prison for a few weeks to find herself for the second time isn't the best way to rediscover your man!
I like both Jarlena and Java!

I enjoyed today's show!
Doug and Julie look so damn ridiculous! I would be so pissed that my few days out of the year that I get to be on my show, I have to dress up like a friggin idiot!
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