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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Ellie, excellent points on the Jarlena material. I too thought they were well acted, but the dialogue was a bit off. I did like them mentioning ISA just because though. Wasn't crazy about Sami being there or Marlena diving into her daughter's troubles this episode like right after thinking she lost the love of her life forever for the third time in a year and a half. Of course it's not like having everything be about Sami is anything new for this show.

The Kate drama was OK I guess, but yeah Julie and Doug's outfits are a bit... Passionsy I must say. It also struck me how annoying it is to me that the Horton 4th of July party storyline is all about non-Hortons. Is there even one Horton there besides Hope?

As for the elevator sex... first of all, if DAYS is going to give us this many sex scenes they need another sex theme to rotate into things besides the lusty saxophone accompaniment. If only I was scoring this show we definitely would have got "Love in an Elevator" for those scenes today since they were a bit too physical and aggressive for typical soap stuff, I thought. A lot more music videoish.

Maybe I'm a prude, but I found EJ-Nicole a bit... graphic... when he was sort of going down on her and in all honestly I felt the same way when he was giving belly kisses to Sami in there scene but at least then they were in bed. I just don't watch soaps for the sex against a wall type stuff. Now the neck nuzzling, heavy breathing, cuddling afterglow stuff we got later in the scenes... sure. That's soapy goodness. That's what love in the afternoon is all about.

And Chlucas? Oh God. I want to like them because I hate Lumi more than anything else on this soap and if BD is here to stay again then I want to be able to watch his scenes without wanting to throw things at the TV, but that was just... weird. I mean don't get me wrong I... I wasn't mad about anything and actually found the scenes totally entertaining, but just not in the way I'm sure the writers meant me to.

I wish Nick had something to do besides be Max's sidekick.
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