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Today was a very nice start to the week and a good way to pick things up from Wednesday.

First off, I loved how upset everyone got with Chelsea and Daniel when Kate fainted. More evidence to me that Chan is just a story and not a long-term pairing. Pretty much everyone is against them now. I did like the scenes and I will say this story is much more interesting now. Nice seeing the vets again and I thought D&J looked cute. Since when are costumes a good thing? It was just in good fun and maybe even for Ciara. It was something different. Loved the end scene on the fireworks. I thought it was a nice way to end the show with the holiday last week and all. The little Lexie/Daniel scene was nice too but, outside of that, having Abe and Lexie there with Theo was a waste and I hated Steve and Kayla not being there. At least they mentioned why Roman wasn't there and had Stephanie, Max, and Sami mention the BBQ. I also hate that Nick at least didn't stop on by but whatever. Still a nice event and made for some good scenes. I like family gatherings any way I can get them and it was really the first time we saw Maggie and Dobson's Mickey together and kissing and such.

Good movement with Max's story. Liked Nick being a part of it. Good ending with his supposed sister answering.

I don't get why some think the J&M scenes were poorly written? It seems to me alot of J&M fans think that, which is fine because I can't stand Marlena right now. Yes, that is the fault of the writing but I'm not in love with how Dee is playing it either. She's being far too forceful and not showing enough pain when she tries to convince John to understand why she wanted him to access the disk and why she is so disappointed in him. I do think she was great in the lab scenes and had no problem with her wanting to talk about Sami's life because it keeps her mind off her own problems. Loving John and Ava too. Good stuff. I wish this story could keep going as it's just getting good but I will enjoy it while it lasts. Loved the slow motion shot of Marlena when she walked into the lab and saw what John did. It's pretty clear that Marlena will end up having to wake up Stefano because she doesn't know where else to turn. I think that is where we're headed and that should be cool.

Finally, the elevator scenes. I think it was Ellie who said she felt the scenes were trashy and questioned whatever happened to the romance of the 80's and 90's. Well, let me just say I didn't find the scenes trashy. I found them realistic. It's hot, vulnerable people are trapped together...it happens. Maybe not exactly the way soaps and Days do it but it does. I liked the old school romance too but most people today could care less. People don't have the patience to sit around and watch a long love story. As has been discussed many times in ratings threads, a good part of the audience (and clearly those that matter in the ratings) don't care for the little things that made soaps special anymore. Sure, most on this site do but many don't. I've seen it. It's appalling but it is what it is. Having said that, I do think Days has done a nice job with the Philip/Morgan pairing and Nicole/EJ pairings. They both have been perfectly paced and it's been good enough to appease those who are impatient and those who like it to go at a slower pace.

There was nothing trashy about EJ and Nicole. They have been slowly built up as a couple. It's been over 3 months and they came together in a realistic way. There is depth there and I couldn't agree with Jane more. Higley "gets" Nicole. She's turned her into the best character on the show. She's layered and always interesting. Loved the scenes today. Days really has something special here. The chemistry was amazing and the writing and acting was great. Loved the slow motion shots of both sex scenes and boy were they hot. Wow...JS and AZ were great. Lucas and Chloe still feels forced but it wasn't bad. I did like all the hesitation they had and Bryan and Nadia did look good. It was an interesting love scene and now I know why Byran said it was an athletic scene. I would've liked them to acknowledge Lucas' tattoo, especially since it's the Phoenix, but whatever.

I did like how the two love scenes were so different. It practically hinted at what the show feels is the long-term pair. Lucas and Chloe was quick, fast, and just full on aggressive while EJ and Nicole were sensual and slow and they talked about their feelings and all. Days clearly did that on purpose and I think they did a good job here. They are really making the Morgan/Philip/Chloe/Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole stuff work now. There is better direction and things are happening. Hope it keeps up.

Very good show though. Tomorrow seems a bit dry though.

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