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What Mason and others are saying I totally agree with.

I'm not saying Passions hasn't been enjoyable from time to time but the show shifted tone and direction 3 times in 9 years and with every switch the show lost itself even more.

From 1999-2003, it was campy and fun mixed with traditional soap and the supernatural. It didn't take itself too seriously. It poked fun but it also mixed enough serious in where it could appeal to traditional and other fans.

In 2004, Kalouria pushed for them to go more traditional then supernatural and the show was great. We got many payoffs but the supernatural was all but gone and that was a big part of the show's identity. Tabitha was barely seen. In mid-2005, the big disaster story and GG's hiatus signaled a big change in the show and it never recovered. The show, which was not new to shock and awe storytelling, became about nothing but that. You didn't feel that stories had direction anymore. It just felt like things were coming out of nowhere just to make sure each shock was bigger then the last. It got far too controversial and seemed to be trying too hard to offend. Toss in all the rapes and misogyny and the show, outside of a few periods, just became a shell of it's self. Even the funny stuff couldn't counteract all the rapes and other offensive things being done.

I still hate seeing the show go and, as I said, it's last few years were not all bad. The show had it's moments but it began steadily going downhill for me in late 2005 and it never was the same. Shows do change but when it gets to the point where you find yourself appalled more times then you are happy watching the show, it's an issue.
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