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Jul 8 2008, 12:36 AM
I don't get why some think the J&M scenes were poorly written? It seems to me alot of J&M fans think that, which is fine because I can't stand Marlena right now. Yes, that is the fault of the writing but I'm not in love with how Dee is playing it either. She's being far too forceful and not showing enough pain when she tries to convince John to understand why she wanted him to access the disk and why she is so disappointed in him. I do think she was great in the lab scenes and had no problem with her wanting to talk about Sami's life because it keeps her mind off her own problems.
That's exactly why I hate how it's written. Deidre can't change the dialogue, and the writers have given Marlena no lines at all other than different versions of "John, look what you've done, you used to be such a good person." So imo she's playing it beautifully - the tears and the pain written across her face are taking the place of the insightful dialogue that should be there.

Since you asked, lol, other reasons I (and many other J&M fans) hate the recent J&M scenes (and the storyline):

1) John and Ava are being written as having the connection that John and Marlena should have.
2) The writers have not given Marlena any lines and/or flashbacks describing details of her life with John.
3) John is being written as cold and rude to Marlena, and Marlena is being written as inflexible and stubborn towards John.
4) We've gone from a story revolving around J&M's relationship to a story about John as a shipping tycoon with his life on a smashed computer disk.

Given the above, that's why I was even more impressed with Drake and Deidre's performances today. As I watched them, I totally bought into this storyline. That imo is quite an accomplishment on their part.
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