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Jul 8 2008, 12:51 AM
Jul 8 2008, 12:36 AM
I don't get why some think the J&M scenes were poorly written? It seems to me alot of J&M fans think that, which is fine because I can't stand Marlena right now. Yes, that is the fault of the writing but I'm not in love with how Dee is playing it either. She's being far too forceful and not showing enough pain when she tries to convince John to understand why she wanted him to access the disk and why she is so disappointed in him. I do think she was great in the lab scenes and had no problem with her wanting to talk about Sami's life because it keeps her mind off her own problems.
That's exactly why I hate how it's written. Deidre can't change the dialogue, and the writers have given Marlena no lines at all other than different versions of "John, look what you've done, you used to be such a good person." So imo she's playing it beautifully - the tears and the pain written across her face are taking the place of the insightful dialogue that should be there.

Since you asked, lol, other reasons I (and many other J&M fans) hate the recent J&M scenes (and the storyline):

1) John and Ava are being written as having the connection that John and Marlena should have.
2) The writers have not given Marlena any lines and/or flashbacks describing details of her life with John.
3) John is being written as cold and rude to Marlena, and Marlena is being written as inflexible and stubborn towards John.
4) We've gone from a story revolving around J&M's relationship to a story about John as a shipping tycoon with his life on a smashed computer disk.

Given the above, that's why I was even more impressed with Drake and Deidre's performances today. As I watched them, I totally bought into this storyline. That imo is quite an accomplishment on their part.
Dee can add to the dialogue if she wants. Many Days actors do it. If she hates the writing, she should say something. It's odd because with all the years she's been there, one would think she would. SN and MBE fought like hell to make sure the Ava stuff was acknowledged. If Dee's been hearings complaints about the writing, why hasn't she done anything? I love her dearly but she never seems to do that. She's always seems to settle for what is on the page. Sure, she adds nuances (like holding her glass up to her face to acknowledge the supposed heat wave in Salem) but it just seems like most of the time the writing has to be there and that diminishes her as an actress in my eyes. Time and time again I've seen many Days stars rise above bad, direction-less writing. Dee hasn't and today she did in spots for the first time in awhile but I still think she's playing some moments all wrong and it's not all because of the writing.

I also disagree with many of your points. This is not the old John so it's only logical he has more of a connection with Ava then Marlena. They are similar in what they have gone through and are going through. She has no expectations. She's not constantly recalling the old John. She just accepts him and enjoys him. And why does Marlena need flashbacks? This should be about John. He should have an occasional flashback or two, if anything, and I don't even think we are even close to reaching that point in the story. Here's the thing...once this story is over, Drake and Dee have nothing. There is nothing to be done with them that hasn't been. I really believe that is why this is being milked and taken in new directions. They want them onscreen but ending this story leaves them with nothing. Plus, Drake is enjoying it and so are general fans. I understand why J&M fans aren't but it can't always be about pleasing couple fans. That has been the show's problems for years. I know they created it but still. This story did nothing for the numbers when J&M fans were happy with it so why not go a different route. There are other fans out there. They have good story here that many seem to like and they should go with it.

John is cold because that is who this John is. Marlena, who is written badly, is how she is because she wants the man she loves back. They have at least given her that direction now. Also, I applaud the show for doing other things besides just going with a relationship story. That can come in time. The shipping story and the disk (which is part of the relationship story so I really don't get the fuss about this) have given John more to do. They should really give Marlena more stuff to do on her own but that's another story.
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