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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS: Weekly Discussion!

EJ and Nicole was hot, hot, hot. Great scene, performance and acting wise, sex of that caliber hasn't been done in a longgg time. I have ONE major issue with the scene though - that horrid music. It almost ruined the entire scene, god, it's so cheesy! Can't they just put some kind of house, mellow beat in the background if they INSIST on a background score? Anywho, hopefully Ejole does actually last, lol, great couple so far and something I wanted to see.

Lucus/Chloe was just trashy, but they both aren't strong actors (especially Nadia) so it just didn't end up working. Her enormous head and ginormous boobs were distracting throughout the entire scene. I'm not actually complaining about the trashiness, because I'm always up for good slutty scenes but...I just can't get past her monotine line delivery. The hiking up of the skirt was def. LOL, and on that topic, EJOLE was practically NAKED!

Chan is DISGUSTING, who would make out like that in front of their family? That is totally inappropriate under any circumstances. This has to end and soon, such an ew storyline.

I noticed Doug and Julie too, what a bad look. I feel sorry for Susan and Bill - they finally get called to work and they have to look like clowns LOL. I think DAYS has given me a really bad impression of Americans on the 4th of July - not that I live far being in Vancouver, but I'm starting to believe that people really do dress up with the tacky flag shit and praise America, land of the free. Whenever anyone SAYS 4th of July the first thing that comes to mind is that Bo and Hope have a BBQ every year (with fireworks!), then I remember that they are fictional LMAO
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