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Maybe the problem with the John storyline is that John and Marlena fans are going to want the storyline to be just that - a John and Marlena story. I think it's pretty obvious this is primarily John's story, which is fine. He needs it, after all, his character is known for an eye brow raise, being a member of the "ISA", whatever the hell that is, whispering "DAHK" and eating Marlena's face...LOL Days isnt' going to progressively go anywhere when that's all there is to one of your lead characters.

I'm going to go out on a limb and compare this to Victor and Nikki on Y&R. Obviously they are the most well known couple on that show, but the recent seperation of them has actually, imo, been really good for the characters - ESPECIALLY Nikki. She's now re-defined outside of her relationship with Victor, which has actually been somewhat entertaining...why don't the writers do that with Marlena. The same old song and dance of "the disk! the disk!" and "do you remember?" (I haven't been watching but I'm assuming this is what has been occuring) is typical days, and since this story is longer then just one sweeps period, I can see how it would be uninspiring to act. Marlena needs to do something else...she had good progress during the John death s/l but now it seems like she's reverting back. All about John, all the time (well, she's a bit better, esp. with the Sami situation from what I've seen recently). Can't she like, date someone else? What's the harm in that??
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