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The Lucas and Chloe scenes were disgusting. I'm all of hot, sweaty, trashy sex but when he pushed her to the wall all I could think of was John and Kate on the floor of the penthouse. However, at least with Jate there was a build up of the characters and the sex scenes were expected. I didn't know Chloe even knew Lucas's name let alone his cell phone number and was close enough to him to give him her benefits.

I will say this, while Marlena is bugging the shit out of me with her attitude towards John at least yesterday I got how heartbroken she is. Still though just once I'd like her to try and see it from his point of view rather than treating him as if he were a child with her "I'm so disappointed in you' comments.

EJ and Nicole, now those scenes were hot and I don't think we've seen the last of this pairing.
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