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Jul 9 2008, 04:23 PM
Jul 9 2008, 02:44 PM
Most of you don't seem to remember the early years. There was absolutely NO plot progression, characters repeated themselves ad nauseum, and there were tons and tons of flashbacks. It wasn't until 2004 that the stories really began to pick up and pay off.
No plot movement? What then, would you call the Prom Boat disaster, Sheridan's "murder"/burial alive, Ethan's New Years paternity reveal, Hell in the Closet, the double wedding, Bermuda, Theresa getting pregnant with LE, Julian's "murder", Zombie Charity, Kay having sex with Miguel and getting pregnant, Timmy's death leading to Julian getting Tabitha pregnant, and the December 2002 weddings?
1) The Prom Boat disaster didn't do much to further the main relationships or stories. It was exciting, of course, but the only development from that was Theresa admitting to Ethan that she loved him.

2) Sheridan's buried alive wrapped up the long-running drug cartel storyline, so I'll give you that one; however, it failed to shed light on Hank's mysterious secret past.

3) Ethan's paternity reveal was the first real long-running secret payoff. I was just thinking about this the other night. Passions established many mysteries the first summer it was on, one of which was Ivy's secret that Sam was Ethan's real father. This was the first big secret to be revealed. Other secrets, like Martin Fitzgerald's disappearance, the night Sheridan supposedly stabbed someone to death, Eve's past, and TC's shed wouldn't be revealed for more than another 3 years. I'll give you this one, but it's not as bombastic as the one-two punch of Eve's past, TC's shed, and Martin.

4) Hell in a Closet also didn't further any storyline or resolve anything. It served to end the Hecuba arc, who was a minor, short-term character. No dice on this, sorry.

5) The double wedding was a non-event. No one got married!

6) The revelation about Little Ethan's true paternity wasn't revealed until 2006 and still hasn't paid off, so no go here.

7) Julian's "murder" is very similar to Little Ethan's paternity. It was a flash-in-the-pan moment, and it wasn't for another 4 years that we learned who shot him. 4 years!

8) Zombie Charity, while entertaining, was pointless.

9) Kay raping Miguel was the climax of her evil schemes to get Miguel, so I'll give you that one.

10) Tabitha's pregnancy/Timmy's death: Interesting, but again, they were based on short-term developments.

11) The December weddings--only 2 couples got married, and both of them were the wrong ones! Also short term developments.

In 2004, the truth about Eve's past came out, and then we learned the secret of TC's shed. We also learned what happened to Martin and Katherine. Chad learned he was Julian and Eve's long-lost son. In 2005, the truth about Sheridan's nightmares was revealed, thus paying off a long-running secret. In 2006, we learned that Liz tried to kill Julian and Alistair. We also found out Little Ethan was Ethan's son, and that Chad wasn't Julian and Eve's son after all. The truth about Ivy's scheme to break up Sam and Grace was revealed. In 2007, we learned the true identity of the Julian/Eve child, and that Vincent was masquerading as Valerie for years. As you can see, it wasn't til 2004 that all the original mysteries Passions set up began to pay off. Everything pre-2004 was set up so we'd enjoy the fallout that much more.
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