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I have really never thought of it like this...the older generation watching the soap. I always feel like they want to bring in the teen kids during the summer.

Case in point, my mom got me started watching Days and GH when I was about 5 and I watched every summer home from school...and I also watched with my grandma..."at my grandma's feet" sounds funny, but honestly, I remember sitting on the floor watching Days with her...at her feet.

Mom went back to work for a little while when I was in high school, and she just retired and she got excited as she started watching GH again...now she is hooked again. She recognizes her old favorite couples, and was happy to see that Bo and Hope were still on Days! Marlena too! Loves the "good looking British guy".

If the baby boomers start retiring in droves in the next few years and have such high numbers, why wouldn't soaps cater to them. They supposedly have the high incomes, and should bring in better ratings so advertisement dollars would go up.
Am I missing something?
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