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Thoughts about Wednesday first...

It was a solid episode. I am in love with the EJ/Nicole story and love the Trent complication. Also love seeing Caroline on so much and actively involved in Max's story. It's such a shame Max isn't with someone else because Stephanie is the only thing I dislike about his story.

Loved the stuff with Morgan and the letter. Nice setup and I enjoyed the autism story too. It got off to a rocky start but I'm glad it got some focus.

Now, on to Thursday, which was another great episode.

I was so happy to get flashbacks of Victor and Nicole. Dena should really use classic flashbacks rather then recent flashbacks (which is becoming annoying as they are happening much more lately) if she needs filler. So much better. It was nice reliving their relationship. Loved their scenes with EJ (loved his glasses) and I like how concerned Nicole got about Victor when he began feeling the affects of the stroke coming on. Higley really gets Nicole and has made her the best character currently on the show right now IMO. Enjoyed her scenes with Trent too. I also loved how we saw what could be a start to Victor and Caroline again. Sweet scenes, especially Stephanie trying to push Caroline to Victor. The scene where Caroline said it was a date and then Victor collapses was gripping. I love the way we saw things from Victor POV both with Nicole and then Caroline. This has to be the first cliffhanger since Kayla's baby was born in May. Loved it and hope to see more.

Enjoyed Max/Trent too and the police station stuff was even good today. I just love the Philip/Lucas tension and Morgan vs Chloe. Nadia is so much better as a bitch. Nice to see Bo call Lucas out on being selfish and to also see Hope being so concerned about Lucas was nice too. They are family afterall.

Now that the stories are all set up and seem to have direction, things are really improving by the day. With the exception of the flashbacks and Stax (and Chan but that depends), I'm really enjoying the show.
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