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I agree with Mason.

This is just an endless cycle of greed and it will never stop. Once this finds resolution, it will start all over again when the next contract for whoever is up. Then, when that group gets what they want, the other group will want more and so on.

I'm all for fairness but it's time some of these people remember the innocents involved. How many people who had nothing to do with the WGA lost their jobs during the writer's strike? It was appalling and what made it worse is all they got was the whole "we appreciate your sacrifice for our cause" BS. Yeah, how wonderful. Those people have to struggle while the greedy get what they want.

I'm honestly getting sickened more and more by this. It really has to stop. It's ok to seek out a fair deal but be adults about it. I swear, I've seen little kids at a playground have more maturity at times then those involved in the WGA, SAG, etc.
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