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GL: Josh and Reva Kiss

There’s still hope, “Jeva” fans! The arguing exes end up in an unexpected lip lock this week.

After the troubling Always screening, Josh’s anger turns into passion and he initiates the buss, which takes Reva by surprise. “It felt more like shock and being appalled that he would dare to kiss her like that out of his need, not to mention on church property,” quips Kim Zimmer (Reva). The duo breaks from the smooch, both filled self-loathing.

When Reva later shares the news with an understanding Jeffrey, he strikes a deal with her: Make certain the kiss with Josh meant nothing so they can resume their own relationship. “These two people have the most honest relationship in Springfield,” notes Zimmer. “They love each other so much and are committed to a life together only when the time absolutely right.”

So the couple, having already called off their engagement, takes another step back. Reva dutifully packs her bags and moves into Cross Creek alone. “She moves out because she needs space to think about her past and see if she can come to terms with it.” Meanwhile, Josh is overwhelmed with guilt and suggests to an overjoyed Cassie that they try to have a baby – instead of revealing the truth.

After Hawk tells Reva that he’s invited Josh to watch a rehearsal of the big Cross Creek wedding scene of Always, Reva is hopeful that Josh will show. “It’s nothing more to her than a walk down memory lane in the hopes of putting her past with Josh to rest,” the actress shrugs. Then, Reva informs Hawk about her sudden split with Jeffrey, and Pops reveals a not-so-surprising ulterior motive for making the movie. “He does confess that he’s getting old and wants to make sure all the planets are aligned before anything happens to him. that means he wants Josh and Reva back together.” Grins Zimmer. “Reva will always want a connection to Joshua, but I think she’s matured into a stronger, more independent woman since he’s been out of her life.” Still Zimmer notes, “I will always believe in the power of Josh and Reva together as a couple.”
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