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I wouldn't mind Sami being pregnant again. She did sleep with EJ a little while ago, and if she became pregnant, then it would make that lovers tryst actually mean something to me rather than ruining Sami's character by sleeping with him when she still loves Lucas.

And I don't think it would matter given the timeframe. Remember Belle's pregnancy? I thinks he found out she was pregnant in June or somewhere at the beginning of the summer. She didn't show at all during the summer, and then, come September, she was MAJORLY showing at Brady and Chloe's wedding, the day Claire was born. It was ridiculous. It's a soap.

I hated it when Alison was pregnant with Ben and the show had to hide it becaues Sami wasn't going to be pregnant. It could have been because Stephen Wyman was still there and the production/direction values were so poor, but they did such a horrible job hiding her stomach. You always saw the baby bump in almost every scene. With Ed Scott there and the other former Y&R directors and producers that know what they're doing, I think they'll do a better job at hiding the pregnancy if the show chooses not to make Sami pregnant.
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