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Jul 11 2008, 09:25 AM
On Thursday's show, they made a point of Victor asking if EJ was going to file the papers right away and then telling Caroline the divorce would be finalized "tomorrow", right before he collapsed. We also saw Trent asking Nicole what business she and EJ had with Victor and she told him that was none of his business. It crossed my mind that, with Victor now so sick, the divorce is going to be stalled somehow, maybe because of Trent blackmailing Nicole?

I don't think so. They made it clear Victor and Nicole had both signed and anything else to be filed would be done by counsel on their behalf. Given that they actually correctly explained that EJ would not normally be able to discuss the case with Victor without his counsel but that Victor had agreed to this meeting in order to get it over with, I have ever so slightly more faith that they're not going in the direction of "Vicole's marriage not really over." I don't see why they'd prolong it anyway. I thought Nicole just didn't want to tell Trent anything about her life, which I don't blame her.

Although I could go on and on with my Morgan hatred, I'll content myself with one observation: since she was clearly eavesdropping on Philip and Chloe she must have heard Chloe tell Philip she was moving on. That being the case, it seemed more than a little ridiculous for her to go after Chloe and act like her "relationship" with Philip (you know, the one where he's using her and she's acting like a fool) is somehow superior. Um, Morgan, if you were listening, and I know you were, doesn't look like Chloe's an obstacle to you chasing after the man who put your beloved daddy in danger and who he warned you away from, so what was the point of that entire conversation?
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