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^Yep. It's happened like that with every writer. Ratings kept going down and it wasn't until Corday had a falling out with the person that he axed them.

Dena already had one blog bitching about her ideas getting rejected. Then, Rick Draughon got promoted and Victor G (her buddy) got demoted and I really do think it's funny how things have improved a bit since Draughon began being credited as co-HW. Things have more of a flow.

Regardless, I think she is goner and will be gone by at least mid-Fall. I really do. The autism story had her face plastered all over it and it's off to a rocky start. I think Draughon is a major threat to her because his promotion reeked of NBC involvement and he did do Coastal Dreams. The fact that we have no official NBC announcement yet about a renewal (even though Ed Scott said the show was safe) makes me wonder if there is discussion about axing Dena and giving Rick the job so that they slate can be wiped clean. Just something I've been thinking about based on the last few months as most of May and June the show was direction-less and it seemed like Corday and Higley could be conflicting, especially after her complaining in her blog during that time period.
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